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10 000 App Installations in Two Months — Advertising Campaign Challenge

With the modern world of advanced mobile technology, users become more and more picky. In attempts to satisfy their expectations and at the same time, be ahead to attract their attention, you don’t know what to do first. Don’t worry, just put aside your hurly-burly thoughts and adopt our cool experience.


What this whole case was about?

To make a long story short, initially, we had the budget in 3 000 euros and a period of 2 months at our disposal with the aim of 10 000 installations KPI.


And what have we done with all that?

Indeed, successful mobile advertising campaigns are based on a strong understanding and analyzing of mobile platforms. Thus, we reviewed the client’s advertising strategy and statistics,  as this wasn’t the first advertising campaign for this App, and developed our own based on our experience in mobile Apps advertising.

Our measures were the following:

  • We`ve analyzed the audience most willing to install this App.
  • We`ve added new targets and disabled irrelevan That allowed us to increase the coverage of the campaign twice.
  • Analyzed the search queries reports and expanded the list of keywords
  • Expand the list of negative words based on the historical data
  • Analyzed places (an app where our ads were shown). Based on it we’ve added huge part to negatives
  • Bid adjustments by geography and demographics.


Target audience and keywords always matter

We also tested various combinations in the custom affinity audience to find a very relevant, however really narrow, audience for our application which showed the best results of all. The custom affinity audience consisted of various combinations of special interests and keywords that were relevant to the application. During the researching of statistics, we analyzed indicators such as CPC, CR and conversion price and constantly adjusted the combination of audiences and bids.

Also, rules were created to stop various audiences and keys, which gave a lot of traffic but did not give any useful actions and KPI’s.


Our actions in graphics

On the chart below you can see linear demand and a strong increase in the end. That was because our client increased the budget from 1 800 euros up to 3 000. It wasn’t possible to spend all the funds, but still, we reached the KPI`s and our client was satisfied.


The Takeaway

Actually, an efficient ads campaign depends not only on the budget. The main thing is the audience’s understanding and skills of analyzing the situation in a way to react immediately and thus meet not only users’ needs but marketing aims as well.

Dmitriy Averin

Project Manager

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