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Facebook ROI of 350% with short terms campaigns for Multi-Brand Store selling Discount Products

You have faced all these intimidating terms and now you are sitting with your hands behind your head? Don’t panic. We’ll cope with that, as we have the case just for this situation.


The prehistory

This is a quite specific case, as a model of our client’s exact store is selling products at discounts and it’s a multi-brand store. Due to this, only short-terms Facebook campaigns were used. Each campaign focuses on advertising a specific type of product of a particular brand during the sales period of 3-7 days.


We weren’t confused and considered a good action plan

So, what exactly did we do? Mainly we used the impression optimization strategy for the selected conversion (sales).  Each product was studied: its target audience, interests, age, etc. After that, we launched campaigns with narrow targeting that exactly fell into the target audience.

Here’s the example of the audience that was chosen as a target for a sale of popular sneaker brand.


Analyzing creatives

Also, in each group of advertisements, different creatives were used, and during testing, if the term of the campaign allowed, the most ineffective ones were disconnected so that the most effective received more impressions.


For the record

As a result of our measures, we achieved keeping a good enough ROAS for advertising targeting every time, and at the same time getting registration on the site as an additional conversion, retaining a certain sales pace. Thus, with a precise approach to every product, with analyzing targets and adjusting to these issues advertising campaigns, we reached perfect effects.

Dmitriy Averin

Project Manager

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