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Facebook ROI of 350% with short terms campaigns for Multi-Brand Store selling Discount Products

You have faced all these intimidating terms and now you are sitting with your hands behind your head? Don’t panic. We’ll cope with that, as we have the case just for this situation.   The prehistory This is a quite specific case, as a model of our client’s exact store is selling products at discounts […]

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How to have ROAS of 700% with Standard and Smart Google Shopping

Don’t beat a dead horse in advertising, learn from others or “The Garden Tractors Case” You have a profitable Shopping campaign, but feel that things can be much better than that. All you need is to find out potential issues and optimize your campaign. But it’s easier said than done… What to do now? “Lead […]

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10 000 App Installations in Two Months — Advertising Campaign Challenge

With the modern world of advanced mobile technology, users become more and more picky. In attempts to satisfy their expectations and at the same time, be ahead to attract their attention, you don’t know what to do first. Don’t worry, just put aside your hurly-burly thoughts and adopt our cool experience.   What this whole […]

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How to increase conversions and sales: Contact form on the website

In addition to our previous article about the importance of changing and optimizing a website for better conversion rates and more sales, today we’ll talk about request forms. By the way, you can read the previous article about website speed for mobile devices here – In digital marketing, the key actions on the website, […]

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