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Importance of approving all the changes to track results

A client contacted us with a request to make campaigns for his company. He had a site with one product that could be bought in several options, but nothing complicated. We made campaigns according to our technique: Collected keywords and negative words Wrote the ads, made campaigns for EX, PH, and BR match types Checked […]

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PPC campaigns are not magic pills, or what sales depend on

Recently we had a client, he offered consulting services for property investors and property management. Firstly we set up YouTube campaigns and the client was satisfied. Then he decided to try search campaigns.   We have experience working with the real estate industry in Russia, Europe and the US and it’s a really hard thing […]

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Raising ROI by 200% in the US, UK and Australian markets

Now we’re working on an interesting project, it’s a website selling international driving licenses in the US, UK, and Australia. The main goal is to have a good ROI. Inputs: there was a running campaign on the account, but it provided very rare conversions at a high price. There were about 500 keys in broad […]

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How to use GDN right

Google Display Network is one of the greatest sources of traffic. It consists of a huge number of Google partners’ websites, where ads can be displayed. The total GDN coverage is more than 90% of Internet visitors daily. How can you use GDN: Audience doesn’t know about your product or your service (informing) You can […]

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