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How to increase conversions and sales: Contact form on the website

In addition to our previous article about the importance of changing and optimizing a website for better conversion rates and more sales, today we’ll talk about request forms. By the way, you can read the previous article about website speed for mobile devices here – In digital marketing, the key actions on the website, […]

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How to increase conversions and sales: Website’s mobile version speed optimization

Let’s start a series of articles about changes on the website and their importance for increasing conversions and sales. First article would be about increasing website speed for mobile devices, why it should be done and what you can get out of it. At the moment, more than 50% of all Internet traffic in the […]

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How to use GDN right

Google Display Network is one of the greatest sources of traffic. It consists of a huge number of Google partners’ websites, where ads can be displayed. The total GDN coverage is more than 90% of Internet visitors daily. How can you use GDN: Audience doesn’t know about your product or your service (informing) You can […]

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